Put Solar on the Map

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  • Do you have an opinion (or would like to share or know more) about solar power?
  • Does your business support or install “active” and/or “passive” solar thermal technology?
  • Do you have solar on your organization or residence? Would you like to?

The Alabama Solar Knowledge (ASK) project is mapping data collected from solar businesses in and near Alabama to highlight organizations doing solar business here – or wanting to. Partners in the project are Gulf States Renewable Energy Industry Association, Alabama Solar Association, Alabama Environmental Council and the University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Government.

With your help, Alabama Solar Knowledge (ASK) can provide answers for solar businesses and customers. An interactive map will be available next summer at http://www.AskAlabama.info and updated quarterly with information and web sites for each business with solar connections, as well as the solar installations they’ve helped create.

As Jeff Cantin, President, Gulf States Renewable Energy Industries Association, says: “Any company interested in more solar work in Alabama will want to be involved in this important mapping project and make sure their name is seen by thousands of homeowners and businesses that will view the results. To be able to showcase your solar services as well as any installations in the state helps fill the big gap between the demand for solar that exists in Alabama, and finding financing and qualified contractors to perform the work. When complete, this study will also make a clear connection between different policy decisions throughout the state and region and the impact on consumers. 

Our neighbor Georgia was the fastest-growing solar market in the nation in 2013 (http://www.seia.org/research-resources/2013-top-10-solar-states) – see their solar map at www.georgiaenergydata.org/solarmap.  We can gather the information to see how Alabama stacks up and what businesses and policies are available to help our solar industry grow.

We also want opinions and recommendations from businesses and citizens on how to improve solar opportunities in Alabama. The information that firms and citizens share about your obstacles, opportunities and recommendations will be used anonymously to summarize respondents’ views on our state’s current practices as well as changes that could improve the ability to use solar energy or do solar business here.

As Morton Archibald, past president of Alabama Solar Association says: “It is important to educate the public, corporations, policy makers, and governments about the tremendous opportunities and rewards in utilizing the sun’s renewable energy. The ASK project’s interactive map can give us a continuously updated snapshot of the solar industry in Alabama and your answers to the surveys will gather recommendations for ways to help it grow.”

Please share these links with others who may want to provide information or just let us know they’re interested in solar for Alabama. http://www.AskAlabama.info

Solar Business Surveyhttp://www.AskAlabama.info/solarbusiness

Solar Installations Surveyhttp://www.AskAlabama.info/solarinstallation

Solar Opinion Survey (anonymous):  http://bit.ly/ALclnnrg

Let’s ASK and get answers that move solar ahead in Alabama. Alabama Solar Knowledge is the place to start.