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Nationwide, the solar industry employed 174,000 workers at the end of 2014, a 22% increase from 2013. The rate of job growth in the solar industry was nearly 20 times greater than the overall U.S. economy, accounting for 1.3% of all jobs created in the U.S. last year, according to The Solar Foundation’s National Solar Jobs Census. Solar jobs nationwide now outnumber coal mining by almost 2-to-1, and the solar sector added nearly 50% more jobs in 2014 than the oil and gas industry.
There is huge potential for solar energy here. According to one study, Alabama ranks 8th in the nation in states that would benefit the most from new solar projects, yet we rank 42nd in the number of solar-related jobs. As the cost of solar continues to drop and the number of solar jobs multiply, it will be critical for Alabama to develop policies that can help us tap the potential of solar.
Your opinions matter in this regard. They can help shape the state’s energy policies. Please click here or on the image below to fill out a brief survey that will let decision-makers know that solar is important to our future. And please share it with your friends and colleagues.