Alabama Solar Facts

Top Ten Solar Facts (Plus Bonus Fact!)

  1. Fact: Solar works – even when the sun isn’t shining
  2. Fact: Solar panels are practically maintenance-free
  3. Fact: On average, solar pays for itself in under 10 years
  4. Fact: Solar wins, without subsidies. (With subsidies, it wins faster)
  5. Fact: Solar grid customers pay more than their fair share to support the grid. Taxing solar only makes energy more expensive for everyone
  6. Fact: Solar is overall a more beneficial source of energy for underserved people in other countries
  7. Fact: Solar will increase the value of your home – but not necessarily your property taxes
  8. Fact: Solar increases home value without detracting from aesthetic value
  9. Fact: Middle-income households are the driving force of the solar boom
  10. Fact: Solar, other renewables make our electric grid more, not less, stable

Bonus Fact:

White Papers and Technical Articles on Solar in Alabama:

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