Solar Energy Documentary “Catching the Sun” to Show in Birmingham and Huntsville!

Hat tip to Energy Alabama for the following info!

Check out our showings in Huntsville ( and Birmingham (! (Showtimes are Thursday, May 12 7:30PM – 9:03PM
at Carmike Summit 16 in Birmingham and Thursday, April 28 7:30PM – 9:03PM
at Carmike Valley Bend 18  in Huntsville.)

“Liberals and conservatives both make appearances, as do people of color and international activists. If we would only all work together, the film seems to suggest, we could enact a green revolution of global proportions. But, as Catching the Sun also makes depressingly clear, change won’t happen in Washington. It’s up to grassroots activists if solar power — and civilization as we know it — is to have a future.” –Village Voice

Catch ‪#‎SunDoc‬ at Cinema Village opening weekend and stay for the Q+A with filmmaker Shalini Kantayya and cast member Van Jones!